What interests me...

I have always been interested in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). While a lot of HCI research focuses on end users, I like to focus on using new advancements to lower barriers of entry to modern practices (DevOps, cloud, containers, etc.). How can we bring these benefits to more teams?

I strive to identify new abstractions, tools, and training methods to make these hard problems more approachable. In many cases, this means raising the abstraction layer and simply hiding much of the complexity.

I'm most happy when I'm learning, challenging myself, and helping others be more productive and better able to focus on the things they want to do.

What I do for work...

I work at Docker as an Engineering Manager for our brand new Customer Success Team. In this role, I'm managing a team that's researching and seeking to make the onboarding and learning process easier. I love striving to lower the barrier of entry and empowering my team to do so!

I also teach at Virginia Tech as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor. I've taught CS1114 (Intro to Java) for several years, created and taught a Docker Containerization course for four semesters, and created and taught a Kubernetes course for one semester! I love empowering students and helping them realize they can do hard things.

I've also been organizing and running Virginia Tech DevCom (Developer Community), a place for developers across the university campus to come together, share things they've learned, get help, and work on internally open-source projects that benefit multiple teams.

What I do in the community...

I've worked hard to contribute to the larger software community in the New River Valley. I started the Docker Blacksburg Meetup and contribute to the larger NRV Dev community. I was recognized, by Docker, as the 2018 Community Leader of the Year for the North American region.

In March 2017, I was recognized by Docker as a Docker Captain. This has given me opportunities to network with industry experts and share many of the things we are doing at Virginia Tech. I certainly love helping others learn and helping solve problems.

I'm an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (yes... I was one of those missionaries that went around knocking on doors). I spend many hours a week serving in various capacities (mostly with the youth) and much of my life direction and goals can be contributed back to my faith. If you have questions about what that means, don't hesitate to reach out! I love answering questions.

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What I do at home...

I'm blessed with a beautiful wife and five great kids (four girls and a boy)! We have lots of fun, learn together, and laugh often.

I also enjoy working on our home, including small projects or completely gutting and renovating a bathroom!

Family photo taken Christmas 2021 on the stairs before a cookie drop-off run

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